About Me

Living that planner life

Where do I go?

I'm delighted to plan weddings and social events anywhere my clients dream of celebrating in the continental US! I love traveling and my favorite thing is showing destination clients my beautiful home state of Colorado or my new home in sunny Southern California to celebrate the most important thing on earth... love. 


What do I do?

I gladly absorb the stress that comes along with planning a major life event and filter out all the things that can detract from the joy of a celebration. I deliver understated luxury to every event. In everything I do I lead with light, positivity, and a refinement that is never pretentious.


Why do I do it?

I have always tried to seek out ways to celebrate the good in the world, put a spotlight on what matters most, uplift others, and give back. This year, in addition to celebrating your biggest moments., I will be sending my love to the World Wildlife Warriors.

Pleased To Meet You

Hi! My name is Ileen, but my friends call me Lina. It's been about a decade since I first stepped into the world of events. I still cry at every wedding at least once. My soul is still filled by the little moments that you decide to let me be a part of. From first kisses to yelling surprise, to hearing just how much we raised for a cause, I'm fueled by the love and the energy of a celebration.  


You should know that like most planners I am a precisionist but you should also know that I can be a little bit silly and sometimes a little nerdy...okay a lot of the time. I am a lifelong learner. I'm addicted to shoes, animals, thunderstorms, carbs, and books #tenpointsforgryffindor. I'm very much an empath which explains the tears. I'm also a hopeless romantic who believes in love above all things. In my mind love is the most powerful and beautiful force in the universe. I'm a boy mom, a fur mom, a wife, and a professional dream maker. I can't wait to meet you and throw you one heck of a party! 

We are currently not accepting new clients.