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My Story

There was something different about them right from the beginning. They see you like no one else can and they love you unconditionally. Finding that person who is meant for you in a world with 7 billion other people is a pretty amazing feeling. Now, you just can't live without'em. That's where I come in.



My name is Lina and I'm a certified wedding planner. I've been a wedding planner in Colorado Springs and working with happy couples & their families for several years. Bringing together professionals that will make your wedding as uniquely suited to the both of you as you are to each other is what I do. I decided to become a wedding coordinator because I fell in love with helping couples celebrate becoming a family. In my time coordinating weddings I've discovered something I think every couple should know. Of the time you will spend on your wedding, only 1% of that is your wedding day. The rest is the planning process. Make sure you're enjoying that time too.



You should know that, like most planners I am extremely detail oriented but you should also know that I can be a little bit silly and sometimes a little nerdy. I'm addicted to shoes, thunderstorms, carbs and books. I'm a very empathetic indivdual as well as a hopeless romantic who believes in love above all things. That being said, I will secretly cry at your wedding... sometimes more than once. I love weddings so, I'm always willing to talk about yours.


So, where do we go from here? Well, after we talk and you decide that I'm the best wedding planner for you, I will send you a custom proposal based on your needs. Then, I will help and guide you along the way during your engagement and add a creative touch with an attention to detail to your wedding. Every couple I meet is different and the ways that I can help them differ too. Couples have relied on me for wedding day management, full service wedding planning, elopements, destination wedding planning, and more. Everything I do is tailored to you although, there is one thing that is true of all weddings. The couple and their families should enjoy every moment from "Yes, I will," to "Yes, I do" and forget all about managing intricacies of the day. I've got this... here's to your happy ending!

Meet Abbey

Lead Day of Coordinator

Abbey Gordon is a recent graduate from Indiana University where she studied tourism, hospitality, and event management. With experience as an assistant coordinator during the 2016 wedding season, Abbey is excited to start 2017 with Once Upon A Wedding! She's passionate about creating a flawless wedding day for the bride and groom, and their families. One thing that sets Abbey apart from other coordinators is her commitment to excellent service. Whatever it takes to deliver that picture perfect, stress-free wedding day is what she'll do!

Abbey really enjoys workout classes, wine nights, and cooking in her tiny kitchen. Despite being dedicated and organized, she can be pretty quirky. Don't be surprised if you find her dancing in the background at your reception!


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