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Stephanie & Nick - Private Property

Something that never fails to make us giddy is an event on private property. We are free to create something truly one of a kind and nerd out over the intricacies of building an even site from scratch. This event was made even more wonderful because of the family we worked with. Stephanie and Nick were so so in love. Their love story listed our hearts. We planned this glorious wedding in the backyard of Nick's parents' estate in Woodland Park, Colorado. We had many long afternoons discussing the details of the day over Turkey sandwiches and Cooler Ranch Doritos (Nick's favorite).

Not only did they want a beautifully elegant classic wedding but the couple wanted to celebrate all the things they loved including Colorado and Nick's dispensaries which brought them together. You see, Stephanie came to Colorado looking for solutions to help her son combat his epilepsy. Sadly, JT was lost but Stephanie and nick began a journey of love and healing together. This day was gorgeous and heartwarming.

We are now looking forward to assisting Stephanie in celebrating the launch of a foundation in little JT's honor.

Photography: Trystan Photography

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