Every event, no matter how big or intimate, no matter the price tag, is a luxury and should be treated as such. We believe in treating each wedding or event like the once in a lifetime moment that it is. This is why we do not offer cookie-cutter packages or a bulleted list of inclusions. We are completely devoted to your event and, most importantly, your experience, which why we will only accept a small number of clients at any given time. Contact us now for your exclusive planning experience!


We make it happen! Planning is our signature high-touch experience that takes you through each step of producing your event. Every aspect of your event will be carefully curated and managed by our expert team. We will become your guides and your friends on our journey together. We will handle all the researching, tracking, communicating, and implementation of all the details as well as ensuring that there is harmony between all the working parts of the event. We can assist you whether you are just getting started or if you've already checked a few things off the list. The LHE team will customize this process for a single celebration or to include full weekend adventures. 


We make it pretty! We have refined the design process down to an art. We work with you to discover and explore your vision. From there, we utilize our carefully curated rolodex of event artisans to bring that vision to life. We know that events are a sizable investment so we've created a process that allows you to immerse yourself into the look and feel of your event in a tactile way so you can dream, play, and create with us with confidence!


We dot the i's and cross the t's! If you're near the end of the planning process and you need the help of a professional to fine-tune your plans and assist with logistics, coordination might be a good fit for you. This is not "day-of coordination," although it does meet the requirements of venues. We do so much more than set out the punch and cookies. We spend ample time with our clients and their event teams to learn about them, their day, and what they have planned. This is recommended for clients who have selected their event team and have made all the major decisions so far. One of our coordinators will assess the details of your event, compile all the details, and create a comprehensive logistical plan with the pros you've selected to ensure a smooth event day.

Curious about  the Investment?

A fabulous event, just like a great pair of Louboutins or a Chanel bag, is an investment. It's an investment in once in a lifetime moments and lifelong memories. The same holds true for working with a tenured professional. We believe, your once in a lifetime event should not be treated like everyone else's. We will provide you with a custom quote for our services after our initial consultation. Every client is different but, in general, our clients working with us for coordination have an overall wedding investment of $300-600 per person. Our planning and design clients are investing $750-2,500+ per person in their wedding. Contact us to schedule your appointment.