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Five Ways To Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

May 22, 2014



Dear Diary,

When people ask what I do and I say that I’m a wedding planner, the first thing they say is, “Wow, I bet you meet a lot of bridezillas!” Truthfully, I don’t. I give my brides five very simple steps to follow to help them avoid becoming this cliché. We’ve all seen that girl on TV… beautiful hair and make-up, designer gown, nostrils flaring and that big angry vein popping out of her forehead as she flings the closest object to her perfectly manicured hands across the room, but honestly what bride wants to be her? We joke about bridezilla, but how do we really avoid it when emotions and stresses run high? Besides hiring a phenomenal wedding planner to take your stress away *wink, wink* here are five surefire tips keep you centered during the planning process.

5. Take a Time Out

Don’t forget the wedding will only last one day and, as important as it is, it isn’t the only special time in your life. The entire engagement should be a fun and memorable experience. Take time off, get away from the checklists, craft stores & Pinterest boards and spend some much needed time with your future hubby. Make a rule for yourself to follow like no planning or wedding chatter on Fridays or after a certain time of day. This will help you to focus on the reason you’re embarking on this journey into madness in the first place… your love for each other.

4. Avoid any friendly fire

You aren’t the only one who is stressing about your wedding. Odds your friends and family are nervous too and want it to be just as wonderful as you do… that being said when you get upset with them remind yourself “WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!’’ This is true for your wedding vendors as well. No one wants to ruin your wedding. So instead of “off with your head,” try saying something like “I’m really frustrated right now but I know we can find a solution together.” This will not only will this keep you from breathing fire and ruining your lip-gloss but it will keep the locals from running for the hills.

3. Know you can’t control everything nor can you do this alone

Realize this… accept it and embrace it. Honestly, although you might not think so right now, you don’t want to have every single detail and every single task resting on your shoulders. It will become overwhelming very quickly. You will need help.


2. A wedding is about love

That being said; support each other through the process. Listen to one another's frustrations and opinions. Everyone needs to vent and everyone has their own point of view. All ways keep in mind your wedding is only one day your family and friends are a lifetime gift that you must cherish.

1. Breathe

Pause often to take a deep breath and reflect. So, your linen came in and it’s robin’s egg blue and not quite baby blue… wait for it… wait for it…. yup the universe is still in tact. Shocking, I know. Taking a moment to enjoy a few cleansing breaths can go a long way in keeping the bridal beast at bay.

BONUS! A Positive affirmation for the moments when you can feel the beast begin to rise from within. If you’ve never tried something like this before you may feel a little silly but trust me and give it a try it really helps!

Take 3 deep cleansing breaths, state the affirmation slowly and confidently, then breathe again before responding to what has frustrated you.

“I am surrounded by love. I choose to stay calm and let the stress leave my body. I will have a joyful wedding.”

There really isn't much more to it. Together you can get through it.  

Yours Ever After,



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February 25, 2018

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