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The Naked Truth About Naked Cakes

January 7, 2015

Dear Diary,

They’re stunning, unique, tasty and scandalously clad. I’m seeing naked cakes everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. They’re beautiful and make quite a statement. There are some things a couple should consider before purchasing one of these risque beauties for their wedding. I talked with baking pros the world over for their thoughts on naked cakes and on half dressed cakes. This is what they thought you should know!

1. Fact: Your cake will dry out so make sure you and your baker have a game plan. Here are some pro tips to consider:

  • The cake should be baked at the very last minute to ensure freshness.

  • The pros are divided on this but, some recommend adding a syrup coating to the outside of the cake. Syrups can be flavored in a number of ways and can help retain the moisture. The downfall is that it diminishes the integrity of the cake’s nod to minimalism and some people might not enjoy the texture of the syrup/cake combo.

  • Dulcie Blue Bakery recommends getting the cake a bit larger than you need it to be. Then if there is severe drying, the edges can be discarded and not a single guest will notice. Be sure to have your wedding planner inform the serving staff that this is okay!

  • Beware the sun!!! These cakes are lovely and seem to fit perfectly with an outdoor venue but the hot sun will accelerate the drying process! If possible keep the cake indoors until it is time for the couple to make the traditional first cut.


2. Be mindful of “fresh elements”

  • Fresh fruit sure is pretty but the color and juices can bleed into the cake! To keep it neat and lovely Sweet Pea Cake Co. says be sure to ask for a layer of icing to act as a barrier between the cake and fruit. It can also be a good idea to use separators if you want a lot of fruit. This will prevent squishing.

  • Wood and fresh flowers are often added by the florist or by a stylish DIY couple. Thanks to Iced and Dazzle I will be much more conscious of letting clients do this in the future. These elements are not sanitary in any way. They are not cleansed of pesticides or inspected for critters. Ew. Please make sure that if you use these things you have them cleaned first. On a traditional wedding cake the fondant layer is pretty tough, but a nice spongy naked cake is much more absorbent. To avoid this all together, use sugar flowers

3. There is no icing so it’s much cheaper right? Wrong.

  • Because of the care that goes into creating this type of cake expect to pay the same amount if not more than the traditional cake. Icing and fondant actually help stabilize your cake. Without it there is a bit more work involved. You can have a cake that is both trendy and delicious but having your cake and eating it too may cost you.

  • There are several baking pros who do not like the integrity and taste of their product being compromised for a trend and will only make naked cakes under extreme protest. This could also raise the price. If you are in the Colorado area looking for a baker who is willing to make a naked cake you can contact Indulge Bakery in Lafayette.

4. Another fresh trend to consider is the equally lovely half dressed cake. They have a similar look to a naked cake but are roughly covered with a crumb coating of butter cream or ganache.


Thank you to all the wonderful baking artists that contributed their time and knowledge!

Dulcie Blue Bakery Sweet Peak Cake Co.
Miss Ingredient Cassidy Budge Iced & Dazzle
Indulge Bakery
The Makery Cake Co.
Hopscotch Bakery
M Robin Cake Design
Esther Sweet Home

Leaf & Crumb Bakery
Cassidy Tuttle Photography

Yours Ever After,



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February 25, 2018

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