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Wedding Pro Feature: Jamie & Natalie Photography

April 5, 2015

Dear Diary,


These two professionals bring me an immeasureable amount of bliss. As an added bonus, they are aslo talented photographers. I know you will have as much fun getting to know them as I did.



Business Name: Jamie & Natalie Photography




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A few words about yourself

Jamie’s the husband. Natalie’s the wife. And, conveniently, of the same splendidly happy marriage.


Their philosophy about their work is that it should be displayed—not just left on a hard drive. As a result, their clients relish their photos in one-of-a-kind albums, canvas gallery wraps, and print wall art.


These two pride themselves on being a couple of the most unique wedding photographers in Colorado Springs. Their goal for every client is summarized in one single F-word. (That would be “fun,” for all you fellow potty-mouths out there.) Their ability to attract like-minded, superb people to their business is uncommon. Their photography style is real.


Jamie and Natalie’s biggest love is writing about themselves in third person.


How long have you been in business?

Jamie & Natalie Photography headed out of the business womb in 2013.


What inspired you to start your business?

Jamie and Natalie have taken a pointed interest in couples, engagement, and wedding photography in order to provide a righteously amusing and customer-service-oriented experience to cool peeps. This whole bit started after they scoured the Colorado Springs area for a photographer (for personal use) who would unleash on them a challenge volley of witty banter. To say that the well was dry is an understatement. Having excelled in high school economics class, they found that the supply was not available for the demand. What better reason to start a business?


Who is your ideal client?

The ideal clients for Jamie & Natalie Photography are couples who have mastered kickassery in life. By that, we mean they are comfortable in their own skin, genuinely in love with and respect one another, don't take themselves too seriously, surround themselves with healthy relationships, and value photography as art to be displayed—not to be hidden on their hard drive. Ultimately, they just need to think we're hilarious. Oh yeah—and they must love a good stiff one. (A drink! Sheesh!)

What inspires you in day-to-day life?

Although we're inspired more on a week-to-week basis, we're willing to entertain this question. We are inspired by our daughter, Tenley, to be better parents. We're inspired by our mistakes to learn. We're inspired by the speed of life to enjoy it. We're inspired by our cliché answers to not be cliché.


What is your "style?"

Our style of photography is not traditional, nor trendy, nor entirely photojournalistic, but there are aspects of all of those styles that yield a result that is natural and timeless. When you're sharing a moment with your grandchildren 40 years from now, your photos will be as relevant as the first time you opened your wedding album as a couple.


What is it like to work with you?

Working with Jamie & Natalie Photography is like riding a unicorn through a rainbow atop a road made of marshmallows. Topless. Sooo...pretty flippin' awesome.

What should couples expect when working with any true professional in your field?

Each couple's wedding day provides professionals with a one-time shot at making things count. Couples working with a true professional wedding photographer should expect, at a minimum, a business license and insurance coverage. Boring and remedial? Yes. However, trusting someone to photograph this once-in-a-lifetime event without checking these basics is like ridin' a roller coaster without a jockstrap. It's just a terrible idea. But seriously, your photographer will either add to your day or subtract from it.

What is your favorite moment in your career so far?

We've traveled to South Carolina to photograph a breathtaking wedding on a historic plantation; we've used our photo booth to give back to our community at Christmastime; we were a part of a local celebration of love for LGBT couples. And we've created true friendships along the way. Our favorite experience thus far is too hard to choose because we know there are many more amazing moments ahead of us.


One piece of advice for engaged couples:

You'll spend more time with your photographers on your wedding day than any other guest, including your own family members. In addition to assessing their work, be sure you can hang out with these people all day. In your underwear. Yep—they're gonna' see that.


What is one thing on your bucket list?

Jamie wants to ride a camel. In Egypt. With Natalie. Natalie wants to drink a beer in a Scottish pub. In Scotland. With Jamie.




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