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Wedding Pro Feature: Love Story Vintage Rentals

April 5, 2015

Dear Diary


One of the best parts of being in the wedding industry is meeting all of the extraordinary professionals that make each wedding so spectacular. As I encounter these amazing and talented individuals I'd like to share them with you. I had the pleasure of meet Jenna of Love Story Vintage Rentals last year. I absolutely love working with her. She will infuse your wedding with timeless love and romance. The delicate details bring ordinary wedding decor to the next level. I recently asked that she share a little bit about herself with me and my couples. So without further ado ladies and gentleman, meet Love Story Vintage Rentals.

♥ Business Name:  Love Story Vintage Rentals




♥ Social Media Links:




♥ A few words about yourself:  My name is Jenna Hager and I grew up in Minnesota where I attended college.  After graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, I moved to Colorado Springs to pursue my career and be near the mountains which I love so much.  I've resided in Colorado Springs since 2007.  My husband (Matt) and I share a love for snowboarding and got married last August in our favorite ski town, Vail.  I love to spend my free time hiking in the mountains with my pups, snowboarding, attending as many concerts as possible with my girls and hunting for treasures to add to my collection.



♥ How long have you been in business?  Love Story Vintage Rentals was established in 2014.


♥ What inspired you to start your business?  As I was planning my own wedding, I realized how much I truly love décor and design.  During my hunt for vintage china and décor, I started to get curious about where these items have been before ending up in my hands.  Each item in my collection has been loved dearly and has it's own story, and my dream is to share these items with others who are creating their own love story.

♥ Who is your ideal client?  Love knows no boundaries - I am up for anything!


♥ What inspires you in day-to-day life?   Love.  Absolutely 100%.  There is a song quote that I live by, "I live for love and laugh a lot, and that's all I need" - Kenny Chesney


♥ What is your “style”?  I love anything vintage, floral, antique and rustic.  Elegant but aged with love.


♥ What is it like to work with you?  I love to hear about my client's vision.  If my client needs some help developing that vision, we talk about what they like and what they don't like.  Once we have a direction, we can start the design process.  My goal is to take ordinary spaces and create them into their own unique vision that reflects who they are.


♥ What should couples expect when working with any true professional in your field?  Couples should expect open communication, timeliness and trust with their professional.

♥ What is your favorite moment in your career so far?  I had such a great time working with Ileen on the "Love is a Gift" wedding.  So many great professionals came together (through the amazing planning by Ileen!) to donate services for two weddings for two very deserving couples - and it was so beautiful!


♥ One piece of advice for engaged couples:  In the planning of my own wedding, I got so caught up in trying to please everybody.  But a good friend of mine put things back into perspective for me when she said, "Your wedding day is your day, and others are there to share in your day."  Stay true to who you are, and if you are having a great time, so will everyone else.  Joy is so contagious :)


♥ What is one thing on your bucket list?  My husband and I would love to travel to Europe. There is so much history and it would be totally romantic. :)







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