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White Bridesmaids Dress Trend

April 5, 2015


Dear Diary,


Trend ALERT! I'm surprised to say that I am not appalled by the upcoming trend of white bridesmaids dresses. Yes, you heard me. White. There are a few traditions that I hold dear and that was one of them.

The trend was kick started by the high profile weddings of Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Peaches Geoldof.

The upside? Using all white will give your bridal party a timeless elegant look that is suited to any season.

Is there a downside? Nope, nothing that can't be avoided. The common concern is that you will be overshadowed on your big day if all the ladies are in white. The easy fix is just to make sure the your gown is more distinctive than the bridesmaids.  They're dresses can all be in the same style, a shorter length, or less ornate than yours.

You can also completely break tradition by wearing a colored gown while your bridesmaids wear white. Gold, blush, truffle and champagne are all excellent options. White gowns on your closest gal pals might even make you stand out more than if they were wearing a more traditional color!

I also recommend that all the dresses are the same shade of white to keep things cohesive.


Does this mean you can wear white if you're a guest to a wedding? No... that is still a faux pas for now.


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