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Double Duty-When You're the Planner and the Bride

February 25, 2018

 You’ve been planning the perfect wedding on Pinterest, years before you’ve ever met “the one.”  Your dream wedding board has your colors, flowers, table décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, and the most beautiful wedding cake you’ve ever seen all waiting to be executed on your special day.  


You’ve finally found the one and he proposed!!  You get to plan the wedding of your dreams!  You go back to your Pinterest board and realize that everything you pinned two years ago is out of style and you have to start over again!  There are so many new trends and so many choices it becomes overwhelming now that you’re really planning the real deal.  Asking your mom, your fiancés mom, and your friends to help you begins to leave you even more frustrated.  They all have different opinions and you don’t know which direction to go.  You look online at local wedding planners but think about the money you would save if you do the planning yourself.  You read tutorials, buy wedding planning books, and ask your family and friends about how they planned their wedding.  You’ve got this!



You are six months away from your big day.  You’ve got a million lists going and yet you still have a million things floating around in your head.  Seating charts, venue layout, favors, specific meals for guests that have allergies, are Aunt Fran and Uncle John coming because they haven’t RSVP’d and, if they do decide to come, are they bringing their 5 kids?  That would mean two more plates to add and possibly five kid’s meals, and an entire table needs to be added to seat them.   You still need to buy your shoes, get your final dress fitting scheduled, and figure out where all of your out of town guests will stay.


Just listing all of those things out leaves me stressed!  This is your big day that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.  All you want to think about is what your groom’s face will look like as you walk down the aisle and how beautiful you will feel on your special day.  


It’s rehearsal day and everyone is so excited for the next day.  You have a list written out as to who will walk with who.  You orchestrate everything for your parents and grandparents to be seated and then have to run back to where your dad is hiding and walk down the aisle with him. He tells you to relax because you look a little stressed out!


The day has finally come to say “I do!”  While you’re getting your hair and makeup done, your mom is coming in to ask you what table certain family members are sitting at.  She wants to know how you want the centerpieces on the tables to look.  It starts pouring down rain and the entire ceremony needs to be moved inside.   You don’t want your dad or groomsmen to have to move the rustic benches in their tuxes, but who else is going to help?  Deep down inside, you just want your mom to be in the bridal suite getting ready with you and calming you down.  You need her there with you.  


The ceremony is ready to begin and you can’t find the cousin that is supposed to give the cues to everyone that’s walking down the aisle.  You are still trying to hide and not be seen but someone has to let everyone know when it’s their turn to go.  Finally it’s your turn!  Your groom is standing there and everything is perfect!  All you can think of is, “I hope the ceremony can be cleaned up quickly so we can get the tables back in place for the reception since we had to change everything because of the rain!”  



Whew…you made it!  You’re happily married and ready to party!  You take family photos while your guests are having cocktail hour.  It’s time for your grand entrance.  You take your place at your sweetheart table.  When you go to sit down, you realize that the Mr. and Mrs. signs aren’t hanging on the back of your chairs.  Whatever!  You don’t even care at this point.  You’re just ready for food and a glass of champagne.  You eat, you drink, you dance.  It’s so much fun!  Then the DJ says it’s the last dance.  The lights come on and you see the remnants of your fun night.  Who is going to clear the extra favors that are on the tables?  Where are the centerpieces going?  What about everything we left in the bridal suite?  All you really want to do is leave and enjoy the rest of the night with your handsome groom.  Everyone is exhausted but the venue has to be emptied out and cleaned up.  


These are only a few of the struggles that a bride might encounter when she’s the planner and the bride.  Hire a planner!  They will save you time, they will provide you with the best vendors that fit into your budget, every detail will be executed correctly, and you won’t have last minute surprises to have to deal with.  The money you spend on your planner will be your best investment!  They will keep you within budget which will end up saving you money in the long run.  Set-up and clean up will all be taken care of so you can just relax and enjoy being the bride!  Keep Calm and Hire a Planner!     

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Mint Green Styled Shoot

February 25, 2018

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