The easy button for planning weddings and the tech to support our community. VenQ brings and executes custom all-inclusive packages for venues across the country. Venues expand their offerings, vendors are uplifted, clients recieve a stress free experience,


The planning team that is dedicated to client care and vendor relationships. As the conductor of the proverbial orchestra, we take our job seriously. We give clients peace of mind and give their vendor team the support they need to do their best work.  We are the face that gives VenQ consistent excellence in client care.

Coordinated Perfection

At the front of the queue: Refined Education 

It all starts with education. The LHE all-inclusive planning team must graduate from an extensive training program that teaches them everything they need to know about coordinating events. Then those skills are put into action in supervised "on the job" training. Their first events are shadowed by a seasoned pro before they can be added to the VenQ/LHE pro planning team. At LHE we never stop learning and growing and continue to elevate even after graduation.

Next In the Queue: Meticulous Planning 

The planning team follows a carefully curated process to execute each event. Each new venue presents new challenges and opportunities. We believe that communication and synergy between our vendor teams is one of the major keys to an event's success. The other is the team environment we foster through support and positivity.  Our couples are treated like gold and are able to experience the absolute best from the VenQ vendor team. 


At the close of the Queue: Seamless Execution 

The best-laid plans can often fail with poor execution. Our comprehensive coordination process ensures a smooth event day. Will things go wrong? Of course. We live in an unpredictable world and weddings are highly emotional and highly stressful events. Our team is trained to address surprises with grace and professionalism. In fact, our training program attendee selection processes puts great emphasis on attitude and drive. On event day we require that our planners continue to generate positivity and a team environment that can only lead to the best possible outcome of any event. 

Interested in applying to be a member of our elite team? 

Please send your resume and cover letter. We will notify you when the program re-opens